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Common Trauma Expert

Whether I’m inspiring and motivating your audience through a conference keynote, educating your groups in breakthrough trainings, or facilitating your strategic retreat, my mission is to provide exceptional content with a fresh perspective. You won’t get stuff and fluff, but I will offer a little dose of fun while your people learn.

Even though my ultimate objective is always practical—I must warn you—I am known for making grown men and women laugh and cry (or at least choke up), sometimes nearly in the same breath. It’s not something I try to do, but when I’m on a stage or speaking in front of a group, it just happens organically. 

By sharing inspirational stories and influencing data, staying true to the point of the topic, and ensuring the audience receives real takeaway, engagement is heightened.

Anita Brooks,

After an event, i want people to leave ignited with passionate purpose, energized with intrepid ideas, and galvanized to smart solutions.

International Speaker

I pour every drop of expertise possible into the topic(s) I speak on.


happy clients

mike prom, owner & ceo, voyageur brewing company

so valuable
"We have found Anita's P4 Power Coaching™

Anita has dramatically helped us achieve our goals, improve our time management skills, and develop our leadership qualities."

that we put it on the calendar each fall to review our past year's strategic plan and to set the next year's priorities.

mike prome, voyageur brewing company and voyayeur canoe outfitters, minnesota

"Anita's concepts have made a big difference in improving the bottom line of my business. I use her P4 Power Coaching tips on a daily basis, and they have helped me create a positive workplace culture. Who doesn't want to work with people of integrity?

Darren dake, ceo and founder, death investigation training academy

"Dynamic. Inspiring. Expert information well researched and presented in an engaging way. I use Anita’s P4 Personality Perspective with every employee I hire—whether full time, part time, or temporary. This assures me of a great fit and a more cohesive and productive team.”

"Dynamic. Inspiring. Expert information well researched and presented in an engaging way. I appreciate the training wisdom Anita Brooks brings to every law enforcement, emergency services, and death investigation group she works with. I use Anita’s P4 Personality Perspective with every employee I hire—whether full time, part time, or temporary. This assures me of a great fit and a more cohesive and productive team.”

Personal experience and years of research, testing, and implementation through my business coaching practice have taught me how to quickly identify hidden source problems. Unique strategies and skills have shown me how to generate measurable results. 

My main focus is on exceptional leadership for those in management or executive positions, however, I’m often asked to work with front-line employees and staff, as well.

Because my professional work transcends into personal realms, I’m also asked to do marriage coaching with leaders and their spouses on occasion. As a happy marriage vet, I am honored to help couples rekindle their relationship joy.

I’m an avid student of human nature and love taking that knowledge and using it for the benefit of people and organizations. There is nothing like seeing eyes light up, minds turn on, and hearts spark again during a coaching scope!

P4 Power Coaching™

People, processes, performance, and profitability.

with Anita Brooks

Intentional focus in these four areas is the key to exceptional success!

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P4 Power Coaching™ Online Courses

with certifications

Management Certification for the Newly Hired, Promoted, or Motivated Manager

The P4 Personality Perspective™ Trainer Certification Course

Small Business Starter Kit: A P4 Power Coaching™ Certified Master Course

Leading Productive & Profitable Meetings: Facilitator Certification Course

Secrets & Strategies for Exceptional Customer Care

Strategic Personal Branding for Exceptional Success

When I first started writing for publication, I focused on my inspirational interests. However, I’ve now fulfilled that part of my dream, and am turning my writing attention to other passions. Every time I speak and train, I hear this question at least once, “Do you have a book on . . . ?” 

My answer? “Not yet, but hold tight, it’s coming.” 

And once I finish launching my podcast and the first group of online courses I’m creating, I will jump full-throttle into writing these books. Thankfully, I have reams of creative content on the topics people are requesting, because I’m so passionate about the subject matter. I’ve spent years coming up with efficient, effective, and unique solutions to common work problems. So, stay tuned, because books on Leading with Personality, Plugging the Invisible Drains Stealing Your Time, Energy, and Money, and Superpowers of Exceptional Leaders are in the works. 

Other good news on the writing front?

I'm experienced in the techniques of skilled and engaging writing, plus I'm fast. So I hope to start delivering those requested books sooner rather than later.

Anita Brooks

multi-published, award-winning author

happy clients

Jack sanborn, CEO, adventures unlimited, inc., florida

the future of my business.

Her insights into the workings of the human mind are a prime tool in our management and marketing techniques. Due largely to Anita's
P4 Power Coaching™ and training with our top managers and marketers, we are a leading model for outdoor recreation companies."

"Anita Brooks helped shape 


Gina Schafer, assistant director, clc child development center, missouri

because of Anita's training

"We're more efficient, effective, profitable, and peaceful today,


scott perkins, president & CEO, First community national bank


captivated and eager to learn

"Anita Brooks was exactly what our staff and board of directors needed. Her ability to flow through the personality traits helped individuals understand themselves better, build our team, and benefited our program as a whole. 

Her dynamic ability to hold her audience's attention kept all

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